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White Whale Tales: William W. King

William W. King (Bill) has been retired for eleven years following a 10-year career as a teacher in higher education, and a 25-year career as a systems engineer in telecommunications. He currently resides in Los Altos, California.

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Project Inferno

The exciting first book in the INFILTRATION Series

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Project Inferno

An ordinary household object has become weaponized by a nefarious foe that has unleashed them in a sinister plot to attack America. Will the FBI be able to determine the nature and causes of these attacks and unravel the plot behind them? How many innocent people will die before they do?

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Project Inferno First Chapter

By |September 8th, 2020|Categories: Writing|

Chapter One In his home in Los Altos, California, John Davidson was tossing and turning around three a.m. when his mind became dimly aware that an alarm was going off in the distance. He was puzzled, since it just didn’t make any sense to him that it was already time to get up for work. He just wanted to catch a few more seconds of sleep. It was still dark outside, so either he had set the alarm incorrectly or something was wrong. Then it dawned on him that it [...]

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